Family Is the Secure Base for your Child


Family Therapy involves the whole family or key individuals in the immediate family. Problems in a child may be the “outcry” of the underlying problems in your family. Each family has its struggles but sometimes these problems become so severe that our child will react to it. Family therapy may be the solution to build a healthy secure base for your child to explore his/her world.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to realize that you have a “family problem” since the problem has existed for such a long time. Maybe, the only “problem” you see is your child or teenager acting out.

Obtaining a holistic understanding of your family history and family relationship is the beginning to understand what is going on. Stepping aside and taking time to learn what has happened, may be the beginning to healing in your family.

Finding a therapist, who can guide your family in this journey of healing, with a non-judgmental attitude and many tools you can use to overcome your struggles, may be the beginning of finding peace in your family and helping your child grow up in a loving environment.

It takes a lot of work to re-structuring your relationships and exposing maybe some of the struggles, but as the whole family comes together in unity and determination, healing will be on its way. As it takes a lot of work to at times plow the weeds from the garden, to make the soil ready for its fruits, so it will take time and energy but ultimately you will enjoy the fruits of a much happier family.

Family’s healthy relationship will help your child to thrive during his/her most difficult time.

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Family Therapy

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