For children

If you are confused about what’s going on with your child, let me give you a helping hand. Remember that your child will not be a child forever, and these are the golden times you can spend with your child, forming a healthy and lasting relationship.

Child Therapy


For the family

It takes a lot of work to re-structuring your relationships and exposing maybe some of the struggles, but as the whole family comes together in unity and determination, healing will be on its way. As it takes a lot of work to at times plow the weeds from the garden, to make the soil ready for its fruits, so it will take time and energy but ultimately you will enjoy the fruits of a much happier family.

Family’s healthy relationship will help your child to thrive during his/her most difficult time.


Family Therapy




For teenagers & adolescents

Getting help does not mean that something is awfully wrong with your mind. Sometimes you need someone who can be your coach so that you can be more successful in what you do.

Awareness of your mental health and emotional health during your teenage year, will be your engine to help you map out your future goals, relationships.

Teenage Therapy

For adults

Are you feeling down and sad most of the time? Do you constantly worry about your future? Do you have problems relating to others? If some of these questions speak to you, and you feel that the quality of your life has significantly been affected, you may want to talk to a trained therapist, who can help you to sort out the things in your life and help you to regain the lost time you spent alone. Some of the feelings you may have are quite normal. Everyone may feel sad some days. However, it becomes a problem when such emotions and feelings impede the daily functioning of your life, such as inability to work, difficulties with family relationships and friendships. We use the term “mental health” to describe the health of our mind. It is difficult at times to accept that we may have a mental health problem, but I want to help you to recognize that you don’t need to be afraid.

Having a mental illness is no different than having another body part of yours hurting.

I am here to listen to you and help you understand yourself and provide you the needed treatment, which tailors around your needs.